Wet Ones Antibacterial Citrus Scent Hand And Face Wipes - 28 Sachets



Hand Wipes:

Wet ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes not only clean better than hand sanitizers, but they also can deal with dirt and messes without drying skin like alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Canada's #1 Hand Wipes!

✅ Light Fresh Scent will leave you feeling and smelling clean.

✅ Antibacterial formula

✅ Cleans better than hand sanitizers

✅ Kills 99.99% of bacteria from hands while wiping away dirt and messes

✅ Pediatrician-tested wipes are hypoallergenic and paraben-free, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed, not dry or sticky


Benzalkonium chloride

Additional Features:

Shipped from Canada 🇨🇦

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