LYSOL Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Simply - Orange Blossom

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Lysol Spray:

Keep your home fresh and clean with this Lysol Simply Orange Blossom all-purpose cleaning spray. The powerful formula kills up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, and the tough cleaning action helps remove messes. This cleaner features a plant-based active ingredient and no harsh chemicals, making it suitable for use on kitchen counters, cutting boards and other food-contact surfaces. Featuring a convenient trigger-activated bottle, this Lysol Simply Orange Blossom all-purpose cleaning spray is easy to use.

✅ Lysol Simply has no harsh chemical residue

✅ Lysol Simply APC is made with plant based citric acid that eliminates bacteria

✅ Lysol Simply is suitable for the use on food contact surfaces such as kitchen counter tops, high chairs, strollers and more


Additional Features:

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