Ammex GPX3 Industrial Clear Vinyl Gloves - 3 mil, Latex Free, Powder Free, SM-M-L-XL, Box of 100

Size: Small


Ammex Vinyl Glove:

"Value" doesn't have to mean "cheap." With AMMEX® GPX3® Clear Vinyl Powder Free Industrial Gloves, value means quality and savings. These disposable gloves provide high levels of comfort, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity for a variety of uses at a terrific price.

Not only is vinyl cheaper than latex and nitrile, but it features a more generous fit because vinyl is less stretchy. The pvc vinyl material also features excellent tactile sensitivity. The inside of the glove features a smooth polymer coating, so its easy to switch gloves when you need a fresh pair.

AMMEX GPX3 Clear Vinyl Powder Free Industrial Gloves offer affordable, effective safety and hygiene for a variety of work environments: food service, painting, janitorial, sanitation, plumbing, beauty, and other applications where frequent glove changes are required. They also come in handy around the house for countless uses.

Additional Features:

Manufactured In USA

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