MedPro Defense Powder-Free Synthetic4 Gloves 100/box - Medium

Size: Medium


MedPro Synthetic Gloves


  • Meet or exceed ASTM D5250 requirements for barrier strength.


  • Made of stretch vinyl formulated to provide more stretch than traditional vinyl gloves to give more latex-like dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

Low dermatitis potential

  • By containing no latex, MedPro Defense® Synth4TM gloves will not produce the allergic reaction often seen with latex gloves.

Budget conscious

    • Synthetic gloves offer the comfort and tactile sensitivity of more expensive latex or nitrile glove at a lower per unit cost.
    • Ergonomic box opening makes it easier to grab just one glove at a time without glove clumping, for further cost


Additional Features:

Shipped from Canada 🇨🇦

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