Clorox Healthcare VersaSure Disinfecting Wipes Alcohol Free - 85 ct.

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Size: 1 Cannister
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Clorox Healthcare Wipes:

With a 92% overall rating received from Dental Advisor, these wipes deliver Versatility to use everywhere, with the Assurance of broad-spectrum disinfection. Now you can have low odor, low residue and high efficacy in a 2-minute, alcohol-free quat wipe! With a strong efficacy quat wipe that has strong aesthetics with superior compliance

Patented alcohol-free quat formula

44 pathogens killed in 2 minute (bacteria, viruses, fungi)

Very low residue on surfaces

Minimal odor

Stays wet for contact time

Ready to use wipe, 1-step cleaner disinfectant


Additional Features:

Shipped from Canada 🇨🇦

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